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2015 Roadrunners.  If we every need to cancel practice we will send out a one call phone message and email.  Since we are still registering athletes and making roster updates, we will also put an announcement on Facebook and the Website.  This is the same system we used last year.  Our goal is to not leave you in the dark and give you updates as soon as we can.   


Track Practice is currently being held at Madison High School.  Practice days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  The address is 5005 Stahl Road, San Antonio, Texas 78247.   Click HERE for a map link. 

Registration is NOT closed at this time. Please come out to practice if you have any questions.
If you would like to register with us you can sign up during practice. 
Please print and fill out the Registration forms.
Click HERE to download. 
The uniform section will be filled out during practice,
we will also size up the athlete during that time.

To register please bring a Check, Cash or Money Order. Registration fee is $150.00. Checks made payable to STAAURRTC.  Must pay in full to register with the club.
$25 Charge for any NSF (returned) checks.   

Please bring a COPY of the athletes Birth Certificate
Returning Roadrunners need to bring a fresh copy also. 

If you have any questions, please come see our admin group during practice.

We will have Roadrunner gear available to purchase during practice. T-shirts, Tank tops, Hats, Spike bags, etc.

If you would like to order a spike bag, click HERE to get the form, fill it out and bring it to practice with payment. 

Click HERE to check out the 2015 track schedule

Roadrunner Calendar

Click HERE for The 2014 Junior Olympics Results

Here is a link to Coach Tweedy's youtube channel.  He has loaded just about every Roadrunner event from the 2013 Junior Olympics. 

Click HERE for The 2013 Junior Olympics Results


If anyone has any questions please go to our CONTACT US page and contact any of our staff members.   

Our goal is to give the athletes the opportunity and chance to develop a higher level of fitness, speed, endurance and coordination.  We stress discipline and teamwork.  We want our athletes to improve during the course of our season, its not all about winning. You win when you improve yourself and achieve your personal goals.  TRAIN HARD, WIN EASY is our Motto. 

Click HERE for a list of the track and field events. 

The athlete’s year of birth will determine what age division they will compete in.  

2015 Age Divisions
8 and Under Girls/Boys (Born 2007 and later)

9 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2006)

10 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2005)

11 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2004)

12 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2003)

13 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2002)

14 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2001)

15-16 year old Girls/Boys (Born 1999-2000)

17-18 year old Women/Men (Born 1997-1998) Athletes who are 18 through the final day of the National Championship/AAU Junior Olympics shall be eligible to compete in the 17-18 year old age divisions


Please click HERE and take a moment to read this important on Dehydration


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